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The Secret Behind Micheal Jackson Antigravity Lean Moves | SpeakNow Forum
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## The Secret Behind Micheal Jackson Antigravity Lean Moves
:my_name photoJeremiah
1 month Ago


Michael Jackson also known as the king of pop was an accomplished musician and dancer during his lifetime. His songs were very popular and loved by many around the world. Even after his death, his songs have continued to remain relevant through the years.

  Michael created so many dance moves and styles that many professional dancers and fans tried to emulate. However, there is an astonishing dance move that many dancers and fans find really difficult to pull off. This dance move is known as the ‘antigravity lean'.


  Michael first pulled off this move in the ‘smooth criminal’ music video and also performed the move in several live concerts. Now the question is, how was Michael Jackson able to perform this move effortlessly? Well, the secret lies in his shoes.

   Michael and his team created a shoe with an extending slot at the bottom of the heel. The slots could then extend at any given time and connect to a peg in the stage, keeping the shoe secure as Michael leaned forward supporting his own body as he did it.


 The shoe was specially designed for Michael and he performed the sleek move.


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