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## 5 Nollywood Actress Addicted To Smoking
:my_name photoJeremiah
26 day Ago


Popular Nigerian actresses who have been warned against smoking but can't quit Smoking, though it is an unhealthy and life threatening practice is quite popular worldwide. In Nigeria, the habit is becoming rampant, especially among celebrities. Female celebrities, specifically, have increasingly resorted to what may seem as a distasteful act to some. These females smoke either for fun or for escape. Popular among smokers usually go for cannabis, cigarettes, and the new craze, shisha. In this article we will examine some popular female Nigerian celebrities who participate in the act. If you are interested, continue reading this article.




While conducting research, I discovered that majority of smokers are men. I also found out, even though it was quite obvious, that it is more socially acceptable for men to smoke than for women. Females who smoke, begin to do so to feel a sense of calm and ease, in other words, they smoke ultimately to de-stress in the most cases. Other times, they smoke for fun and due to peer pressure. In Nollywood, the attention received can be quite overwhelming. It is no surprise that females are more emotional when compared to men, and as a result, they handle criticism and negative attention very differently. As a result of the overwhelming scrutiny and attention, they tend to look for an escape, something that would make them calm and forget all about it for a while.

Celebrities, whether they accept it or not, are role models, especially to the younger generation. Due to the fact that they are so influential, the responsibility to be careful and demonstrate a positive and responsible character is automatically placed upon them. Below is a list of some of the beautiful and famous Nigerian ladies who have picked up the smoking trend.

Angela Okorie



I am not surprised. Are you? It is quite evident that Angela is a diva and a boss at everything she does. Well seasoned into the industry with over a hundred films, I am not surprised that she tried smoking and still is enjoying the practice.

Annie Macaulay-Idibia



A wife and mother of three, Mrs. Idibia is also a model, presenter, and actress. She enjoys a good smoke.

Ayo Adesanya



She has said it herself, motherhood has not changed her one bit. If her children can not change her, what makes you think her husband can? He came, saw and accepted her for who she is. Ayo is a multiple award winner and nominee, she continues to be the same person we know her to be and she too enjoys smoking every now and then.

Bimbo Akitola



This popular actress has secured a name for herself in the film industry. She has made appearances in Owo Blow, Out of Bounds, and Husbands of Lagos. Among her talents, smoking has made its way onto the list. It has been rumored that because of smoking, the forty-seven year old was on the "singles" market for quite some time. If she continues, she might be left on the market for another decade, but for her sake, I hope someone comes along to accept for who she is or that she quits and settles down.

Bimbo Oshin



Smoking has never distracted Bimbo Oshin from her dreams and goals. The happily married nominee of multiple awards including Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Actress of the Year and Best Female Indigenous Actor enjoys a smoke or two in her leisure time.

Binta Ayo Mogaji



Popularly known as Igbanladogi, this troubled actress is a legend in the industry and a legendary smoker. Regrettably, this actress' habits are too old to die out.

Cossy Orjiakor



Actress, producer, video vixen, and singer, Cossy Orjiakor has an outgoing and fun personality. It is no surprise that she is a smoker. A girl like her seems to love experimenting. I am not shocked at the fact that she tried it and liked it.

Dayo Amusa



Dayo is a modern day phenomenal woman who has many achievements under her belt. She is the winner of the Best Lead Actress and Best Film Award 2013 at the Best of Nollywood Awards and Yoruba Movie Academy Awards, respectively. Smoking is her habit.

Eniola Badmus



Known for her feature in the film "Jenifa", this mother and wife who is also asthmatic picked up the act of smoking. Despite urges to quit smoking because of her illness, she continues as she finds it rather hard to resist.

Fathia Balogun



Though she is a heavy smoker, this mother of three does not smoke in the presence or surroundings of her children. Much respect to her for preserving her children's health from second-hand smoke.

Genevieve Nnaji



Looks can be deceiving. At first glance, Genevieve Nnaji may not have been seen as the kind of woman who would put a cigar in her mouth. Well, things are not always what it seems. This beautiful Nigerian actress and winner of the Best Actress in a Leading Role 2015 at the Africa Movie Academy Award, smokes privately.

Halima Abubakar



Halima has been acting since 2001. So no, this is not a surprise either.

Ini Edo



Absolutely no shame. Ini Edo smokes publicly and even in private and she loves it!

Mercy Johnson



I guess almost all female actresses have skeletons in their closets. Mercy Johnson, mother of three has also been added to the list of smokers. Though we are not sure if she does it secretly from her children but her husband is also a smoker. If the children are not enough to cause her to quit then I doubt her husband and smoking partner would be of much help, unless he quits too and they support each other.

Nse Ikpe



Naturalist Nse Ikpe knows and appreciates her roots. This fearless wife has won our hearts through the many different characters she played in her films. Some of my favorite movies with her were Reloaded, Mr. and Mrs., and A Trip to Jamaica.

Oge Okoye



Being a mother these days is just like another major accomplishment. It does not change much personality wise when you are a smoker, except during your pregnancy. Oge Okoye has been married since 2005 and has been blessed with two lovely children. I hope that, for their sake and health, she does not smoke around them. I can not speak about smoking in front of her husband, however.

Rita Dominic



Rita, apart from being drop dead gorgeous, is courageous and carefree. She has absolutely nothing to hide when it comes to smoking. She is proud and not ashamed of who she is and what she does. Rita loves to smoke and she is comfortable with smoking in both public and private.

Stella Damasus



Despite an innocent face, Stella is a little rebellious when she wants to be. I would say she has an alter ego who loves to have fun when it is called for and love to relax when it is necessary. Her alter ego also loves to smoke.

Tonto Dikeh



Multi-talented indeed. Tonto Dikeh does anything she puts her mind to, apart from being an actress, she is also a singer, songwriter, and philanthropist. She created quite a stir in the entertainment industry with controversial adult scenes that were alien to the film industry back then, at the beginning of her career and continues to do so today. Tonto loves to smoke cannabis as well.

Toyin Aimakhu



Toyin has a vibrant personality and is addicted to smoking. Unlike some of the others, Toyin has tried to quit but soon became a prisoner of the harmful habit again.

Uche Jombo



Actress, screen-writer, and film producer is just a few achievements Uche is popularly known for. Although we know that she smokes, she does so out of the public and her husband's eye.

From the information gathered above, it seems to me that smoking is also linked to the time spent in the entertainment industry. Though it is an unhealthy practice, we have a clearer understanding as to why these females resort to smoking. I think it is safe to say, the longer you are in the entertainment industry, the more prone you are to experimenting. For many Nigerian celebrities, smoking is a way to escape the intense work load and to de-stress from the busy schedule at home and work.

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