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Woman You Should Never Attempt To Marry Or Date | SpeakNow Forum
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## Woman You Should Never Attempt To Marry Or Date
:my_name photoLagosboi
26 day Ago


There are some certain things or conditions in which men really have to take note ao as not to die young and not to live the rest of thier life with a wrong person which would put their health or properties in a big danger in which is very bad......before doing anything in life one has to be very very careful before proceeding on anything we want to this are the 5 types of women you should never attempt to marry if you want to enjoy your life and live longer.....


Never attempt to date or marry an arrogant women:this is a very bad character in which you really have to search for in her before proceeding to the arrogant women can destroy families which is so bad......

2)Never attempt to date a gluttonous women:this is so bad that can wrecks a mans life if care is not taken..... So stay away from gluttonous women...

No.3) Never attempt to date or marry an unclean or dirty woman: dont ever try doing it.. Dating or marrying a dirty wife can put your health in great risk ...... No.4 Talkative:a woman thats can sit in one place talking all around the whole neighborhood is a talkative..... No.5 Never attempt a woman that sleeps to much..... Forward for others to benefit from these.....stay healthy

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