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Buzznaija is a earning site whereby you earn by writing news,referring people and so on.

Why Was Buzznaija Created

Buzznaija is a forum and it was created for everyone to earn money without getting SCAMMED.This site is a great opportunity to all students and adults in the real world of business.

How Does The Earning Works

This program is not a get quick program or any program that allows you to get rich easily.You have to do some little works in order to earn thousands of what you've invested

How Do I Earn On Buzznaija

Earning on Buzznaija forum is very easy and straight,Buzznaija pays you as long as you do some of the works listed below

  • Register With Your N1000 Then Get Started
  • Earn N15 per post
  • Earn N200 per Referral
  • We are working on how you can earn per comments too
  • General Cash out = N3000
  • .

    How Do I Pay My Registration Fee

    Paying your registration fee is quite easy and simple.All you have to do is contact admin on WhatsApp.

    WhatsApp:+2349015128459 OR Call +2349068407438


    NOTE:You Have To Pay Your Registration Fee By Contacting The Admin On WhatsApp For More Info About Payments.And you also earn per views.If you have 200+ Views On Your Post You will be given N10 For 500+ views you will be given N20.

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