Get Coupon Code


Whats Coupon Code ?

In this program you cannot become a member if you did not purchase your coupon code,From a long time since our launching coupon has been used far and wide.This coupon is a key that shows that you have successfully paid and that you are eligible to becoming a member.

Where Do I Load My Coupon Code ?

Your coupon code can only be used once.Once you get your coupon code from our coupon vendor then you go to our site homepage then scroll down to register kindly add the buzznaija premier to your cart,Then after adding to cart then you view the cart.In there you will be asked for a coupon code,Kindly paste it there.If your coupon is correct it will be accepted,Then kindly click proceed to checkout.In that field you can now fill in all your details.

Buzznaija Coupon Vendor ?

Buzznaija has only one coupon vendor so don’t come crying to us that you were scammed one way or the.If you want to pay for your coupon kindly pay +2349015128459 for coupon code.Only him provides coupons for now.Thank You